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Another growth milestone to indulge in at home~

fave 5 stars (really what I've been looking for)

adriendittrick responds:

Glad you found your goal :)

too many great options to even pick a modest handful~

Can't wait for further completion, pretty smooth thus far with still plenty of room for improvement.

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks :)

you're really mixing it up nice~

SP3KTR3-X responds:

Glad you like it, man. Keep an eye on next updates, there's much more to come.

Simp simulator 2020; jk, I love it (got a little thing for femdom among others)

Captain-Freeman responds:

I'm glad you approve

d-did i win...?

This shit made me ridiculously dizzy (probably because of how long & intently I played); not bad for what it is. Future ideas I have are smaller screen/newgrounds player (works well enough for me), animated bits, real time nudity reveals as stills, other models to choose from, voices/voice-clips, customizable ships & shots (pirate, multi-shot/lingering laser), etc.

That platforming was pretty solid

I really liked it for what it was/is no matter what or how lacking it may be or have been in some areas/aspects. I think the math stuff (more into word puzzles myself) is fine but I would encourage & 'equate' increasingly complex arithmetic with increasingly tantalus & scandalous sexcapedes such varied & unique scenes unique to each girl (assuming none get swapped out for a different which would be its/their own can of worms to experiment with much later down the line if at all). I also think it would be cool for the possibility of being able to avoid pissing someone off YET retain options to piss one person in particular off twice as hard/doubly so, suck up to others and even turn people against each others (favors have to count for something).

By far, my favorite co-worker/office-mate was the plump tech-wiz one wearing purple; more cushy for the pushy plus we share a similar stance on people & technology in general (though we might clash horribly food-wise because PHUCK NO to kimchi).

Ooh! I had another idea. What if there was intermediate points where you go home & work on a personally field of study, perhaps even done in a classic RPG battle-sense where the penalty for losing might be something like a slight deficiency for the following like rolling a 1 in d&d, such as social-navigation/networking adding to charisma thus easing tensions around the office while scooping up the odd bonus now & again, mental circuit training allow for tackling multiple tasks with greater ease and so on (like hitting the gym or doing home exercises like yoga to maintain a stress gauge at reasonable levels).

If you're feeling really fired up, you could also include outside events where you bump into a co-worker & join them for coffee (assuming affection is high enough with them) or defend them from an assailant thus earning respect & trust (especially around the office leading to a nice 'perk' or two; get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking about free lunches & fruit cups) or the opposite should you fail or flee the scene/scenario--even being blamed for it! Actual romance options for more tasteful endings at least sound nice in concept but it's your game/project so you do you with the conviction we know you have which brought you this far. *Deep inhale*

But those are merely my own thoughts. I sincerely want to hear from others on their own thoughts in general, especially who their preferred office wench wage slave is; like I said I like the purple, plump one, but I would put the shapely red-head as a close second and the stressed brunette as a distant third for the time. In reverse order, I'd say they're the most deserving of the MC's 'affections'

P.S. That naming thing could use a bit of work because I too had trouble changing it; lastly, apologizing for the length of all this as well as my former crude comment of merely 'nice~' as at the time I clearly wasn't saying all I truly wanted to express in my time of tiredness so I hope this clears everything up.

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